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Update for Chesebro Half Marathoners
Updated March 25, 2011 at 12:02 a.m.

In case you haven't heard yet, at 2:45 p.m. Thursday, March 24, 2011, the Great Race office received a call from the National Park Service deeming the conditions at Cheeseboro Canyon unsafe for the race. By way of background, we've been in contact with the National Park Service everyday this week and prior to Thursday afternoon there was no mention or even the smallest indication of a looming change. In fact, we received a call on Tuesday from the National Park Service supervisor enthusiastically green lighting the race.

While this may not be the news you were wanting to hear, we sincerely apologize for the late notice and last minute changes. Believe us when we say, this is much more painful for our staff than it is for you. The logistical challenges are massive but our staff is up to the task and has been spending the last 9 hours in hyper-speed mode and is working late into the night, trying to make Saturday's race as amazing and brilliant as possible for you.

Here is what we are going to do. Effective immediately, all Chesebro Half Marathon registrants are now entered in the Pacific Half Marathon. The Pacific Half Marathon starts at 7:30 a.m. at Paramount Ranch, a location that is more than 3 miles away from the Chesebro start.

Race Bibs: Registered Chesebro Half Marathon runners (with green race bibs) need to wear your green bib on Saturday on the Pacific Half course.

Parking: If you have a green Chesebro bib you need to park at the Agoura High School parking lots off of Driver Ave. or Agoura Bible Fellowship parking lot at 5564 Foothill Dr. Or, as a last option, you may choose to park at one of the parking lots at the intersection of Kanan Rd. and Thousand Oaks Blvd, although that is farther away.

Shuttles: A shuttle bus will transport you to the start at Paramount Ranch. The shuttles will leave from Driver Ave., near the intersection of Conejo View Dr., directly across from the half-circle drive in front of Agoura High School.

At least ten shuttles will run continuously starting at 5:30 a.m. The last shuttle will leave at 7 a.m. The shuttle ride is about 10 minutes, but likely longer due to the amount of traffic entering Paramount Ranch. Please allow plenty of time for the shuttle trip and get on an early shuttle. We want the shuttles to run as smooth and efficiently as possible, but that starts with you getting there early.

If you are not on a shuttle by 7 a.m., you are not going to make it to the start.

Can you park at Paramount Ranch? The parking at Paramount Ranch is limited and only Pacific Half Marathon registrants with blue bibs will be allowed to park at Paramount Ranch. To enter the Paramount Ranch parking lot, you must show a blue Pacific bib.

Race Day Pick Up: The Pacific Half Marathon does not have race day pick up. However, due to these unforeseen and unwanted circumstances, we are making an exception on Saturday for registered Chesebro Half Marathon runners. If you planned to pick up on Saturday before the race, you can pick up Saturday morning at Paramount Ranch. However, we highly, highly recommend picking up on Friday at our Race Expo at the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center. If you pick up Saturday at Paramount Ranch, you will only receive your race bib. After you finish your race, you can pick up your race shirt at the Great Race Store. As always, goodies bags will likely be gone before Saturday.

Course markings - Mile markers and directional arrows are posted throughout the course. The directional signs are blue with white arrows. The mile markers are ELEVEN foot tall blue flags with white numbers.

Race course conditions: The temperature at the start at Paramount Ranch is usually about 10 degrees cooler than the temperature in the surrounding area. Parts of Chumash Park (finish line and expo area) may be wet or possibly muddy. The Pacific Half Marathon is an all road race with the exception of about 1/2 mile away from the finish, you will run on a dirt path behind Agoura High School for about 400 yards. Expect mud on parts of this trail. For more specifics about the Pacific Half Marathon course and course support, please see:

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them for you at the Race Expo on Friday from 12 noon - 6 p.m. We apologize in advance, but due to event set up and logistics planning we are unable to answer individual emails or phone calls on Friday. If we have updates or additional information, we will post it at on this page

We wish you a great race,

The Great Race Staff